It’s not uncommon for agencies to struggle when it comes to getting paid accurately the first time around. Many things can go wrong in the payment process which can lead to lost revenue opportunities if they aren’t addressed properly. That’s why having an effective home health billing system is so important; one where mistakes are avoided at all costs.

The last thing any home health care agency wants is to be left with unpaid claims. Unfortunately, according to an annual survey conducted by Home Health Care News, more than 80% of home health care agencies have reported being audited for payment issues over the past five years. However, there are ways to avoid common pitfalls and get paid right the first time!

Regulation Changes

Changes in Home Health Care and Hospice industry regulations, insurance protocols, and laws can make it challenging to stay on top of billing. With each new change comes a new way to submit claims and billing process changes that must be made.

At Imark Billing, we provide ongoing coaching to our customers regarding Medicare, Commercial Insurance, and billing issues along with access to experts for all your Home Health Care needs. By staying on top of expected regulatory changes, we not only stay on top of your billing but can prepare you for what is coming around the bend.

Misfiled Claims

Errors in claim submissions can be as simple as misspelling a name to typing in the wrong code. When an error occurs, you will inevitably see an increase in denied claims. This is never good for business.

Avoiding errors can be a time-consuming job that your staff may not have the ability or bandwidth to handle. Imark Billing will not only use our expert staff to avoid errors, but we will also analyze any previously misfiled claims so we can quickly and efficiently recover your lost revenue. Our team of experts has processed over 800 million claims to date. We have also successfully recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for agencies nationwide.

Inaccurate Billing

Every year, billions of dollars are lost due to inaccurate billing. And unfortunately, most of this money is not lost to major inconsistencies, but to simple errors or processing issues that are easily overlooked. Over time, each small mistake can result in you leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

Imark Billing specializes in home health and hospice billing. That enables us to focus on every claim to make sure that it is done accurately, minimizing mistakes and increasing your revenue.

How Imark Billing Can Help

Imark Billing can help you with the following billing processes:

Payer Setup & Software Billing Support

We will add all payer rules to your home health or hospice software, as well as set up procedure codes, and occurrence codes. We’ll also make calls to software support services on any issues that affect billing claims.

Real-time claims processing

Imark Billing will bill daily all claims that are ready from the clinical aspect and insurance company requirements.

Accounts receivables collections

We will scrub claims for accurate billing, analyze paid claims for accurate payment, research unpaid claims, and reprocess corrected claims. We’ll also make all follow-up calls to insurance companies.

Billing for all payers

We help you diversify your income by accepting Medicare, Medicaid Waivers, HMOs, VA, Workers Comp, and Commercial Insurance.

EDI applications for all payers

Most insurance companies require agencies to fill out applications to submit electronic claims. We will handle that for all your payers at no extra cost.

Imark Billing Has You Covered

Imark Billing was founded by Lynn Labarta, in 2003, to make sure that Home Health and Hospice agencies get all of the money that they are owed. Her team understands the billing and coding process and is ready to work for you. If you are ready to focus more on your business and less on your billing, contact Imark Billing to find out how we can help you.

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