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Get your own Imark Coach for success at no extra cost. Get the one-on-one attention and support you need right from the start.


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Get support when you need it. You can contact us via phone, email or cell. We are always here to help.


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Provide ongoing consulting services/coaching regarding Hospice business and billing issues. Access to experts for all your Hospice needs.

Billing for Pre-eval & Physician/NP Services

We can capture all revenue owed to you from Medicare by billing for additional/seperate services other than just your daily rate.

Billing for All Payers

Diversify your income by accepting Medicare, Medicaid, Medicaid Room & Board, VA plans and all commercial insurances.

Daily and Monthly Reporting

Daily Forecasting of upcoming payments, reports of all claims billed, month end reports of collections, ADR notifications, and overdue claims reports.

Real-Time Claims Processing

Notice of Election (NOE) and Notice of Termination/Revocation (NOTR) keyed in daily. Monthly filing of all sequential claims.

Payer Setup & Software Billing Support

Add all payer rules to your hospice software, as well as setup procedure codes, and occurrence codes. Make calls to software on any issues that affect billing claims.

Accounts Receivables Collections

Scrub claims for accurate billing, analyze paid claims for accurate payment, research unpaid claims and reprocess corrected claims. Make all follow up calls to insurance companies.

EDI Applications for All Payers

Most insurance companies require agencies to fill out applications to submit electronic claims. Will do that for all your payers at no extra cost.

Review and Post All payments

Post all payer payments. Maintain accurate a/r and aging report in your hospice software.

Medicare Eligibility Checks

We can do all of your Medicare eligibility inquires and review them with you to ensure patients are truly eligible for Hospice care.

Home and Hospice Care Billing Success Stories

TI Home Health
Tiffancy Smith, Manager

“Our Cash flow has doubled since we began working with Imark. They are like a partner anticipating billing issues before they happen.”

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 Revenue up by 15-20%

Agencies can be hesitant to accept HMOs due to their complex billing requirements. Don’t. Imark knows how to bill all HMOs. Our clients have seen an increase in revenue by accepting insurances that they normally would not take.

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