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Imark Billing was founded in 2003 to provide financial reimbursement assistance and operational consulting services to home health care and hospice agencies nationwide. Imark’s staff offers over 15 years of expertise in the healthcare industry, as well as personalized service necessary to help clients achieve their financial goals. By specializing in Home Health and Hospice Billing, we have become experts and stay current with the changing regulartory environment.

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Malena Jimenez
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  1. 2013


    Imark Consulting founded

    Imark was founded to consult Home Health and Hospice agencies to make the right decisions and take the right steps to deliver financial results.

  2. 2012


    Imark Billing focused on getting agency’s paid faster

    We started to leverage our billing expertise in home care and hospice to actually increase agency’s cash flow as well as teach agencies best practices to increase revenue by accepting all payers.

  3. 2011


    Imark is a leader in Home Health and Hospice Billing

    Today, Imark is the leader in providing complete billing services and revenue cycle management for Home Health Care and Hospice agencies to efficiently run their businesses and serve clients nationwide.

    Imark is proud to be a member of several major state associations as well as partnered with many leading organizations in our industry.