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TI Home Health

Tiffany Smith, Manager
“Our Cash flow has doubled since we began working with Imark. They are like a partner anticipating billing issues before they happen.”

One of our professional can help lead you to success with our home health and home care billing services.
We can help with complicated home health billing issues, like dealing with an HMO.

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  • Revenue up by 15-20%

Home health agencies can be hesitant to accept HMOs due to their complex billing requirements. Don’t. Imark knows how to bill all HMOs. Our clients have seen an increase in revenue by accepting insurances that they normally would not take.

Watch Video: How Imark Billing Delivers Results for you.

Imark Consulting is a leader in home health & hospice billing serving clients all across the nation. Having billed over $800 million dollars in claims to all insurance companies from Medicare to Medicaid to commercial insurances, Imark’s job is to get you paid 3x faster, maximizing your profits while minimizing errors.

We ensure your success by taking complicated billing issues off your plate so you can focus on patient care. Imark’s team will simplify your billing process and give you grader peace of mind to run your home health and hospice agency.

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