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Why outsource my billing to Imark?2021-09-03T19:37:26-04:00

Simply put, we are experts in billing only for the home health, home care, and hospice industry. We know exactly how to bill, how to correct, and better yet, how to avoid denials/rejections on claims.

Why outsource when I can do it in-house?2021-09-03T19:35:15-04:00

If you use a reputable billing service, you can see lower costs with a good return on your investment. You can expect better results and consistency in performance.

Do I have to have an EMR, Home Health, or Hospice software?2021-09-03T19:32:26-04:00

No, we do not need your agency to have software for us to bill. We can still bill your claims electronically.

Can you work with any home care or hospice software?2021-09-03T19:29:07-04:00

Yes. It doesn’t matter what software you are using. We can work with it to process your claims.

Do you bill for Non-skilled or Personal Care agencies?2021-09-03T19:26:37-04:00

Yes we do. We bill for Home Care/Home Health and Hospice. Including non-skilled or skilled agencies.

How does the process work?2021-09-03T19:24:27-04:00

Simply sign up for our services and we will contact you to set up an implementation process over the phone. Once we set you up we will start billing.

Do you have set up fees?2021-09-03T19:21:48-04:00

No set up Fees.

What are your fees?2021-09-03T19:18:54-04:00

Our fees are the most competitive in the industry. In fact, we are so confident that we can get your claims paid, that we do not charge unless we collect for you. Be careful with billing services that charge you per claim, this is a benefit for the billing service, not your agency. Since they will get paid regardless of if your claim gets paid. Click (click on contact us page with form) or call us for the details on pricing.

When does your invoice go out?2021-09-03T19:10:57-04:00

We will charge you monthly for the previous month’s collections only.

What if I have a Medicare takeback or overpayment do you still charge us?2021-09-03T19:08:16-04:00

No. If you do not get paid or get a takeback we do not charge you. This is deducted from our invoice as well.

Do you bill for all Payers?2021-09-03T19:04:56-04:00

Yes, we bill for every payer.

I’m currently using an in-house biller. How does that transition to your services work?2021-09-03T19:02:30-04:00

It’s simple and seamless with no interruption in cash flow. During our implementation phase, we will discuss the process.

I’m currently using another billing service. How does the transition to your service work?2021-09-03T18:59:00-04:00

It’s simple and seamless with no interruption in cash flow. During our implementation phase, we will discuss the process.

Do you have your own clearinghouse or do we still have to have one?2021-09-03T18:55:43-04:00

We have our own clearinghouse, therefore, you do not have that expense on your end.

Do you do coding?2021-09-03T18:46:20-04:00

Yes, we can also do the coding for your home health and hospice agency. Ask us for our very competitive pricing.

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