Are you using Home Health software or not? With Imark it doesn’t matter

Imark outsourced Home Health billing

Whether you are using a home care software or you have decided not to use one, IMARK can still do your billing.

Not Using Software ?

No problem! We’ll use our own tools to process your claims to any insurance company. With IMARK you do not have to have a home health software to get your claims submitted electronically.

Using a Home Care software?

We will use it and process all of your claims right from your software. Just enter the clinical part and we will do the billing part.

We know all the home care softwares in the market so it doesn’t matter which one you have, Imark has used it.

Paid faster

Collect More Money Faster

We have the billing experience you need to get paid faster the first time with less effort.


Grow Your Revenue

Increase your agency’s cash flow with Imark’s daily billing processes.

Bill All Payers

Expand your Income by accepting Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs, and Commercial payers.

Decrease health billing costs

Decrease Costs

We eliminate the need to hire expert billers, train and retrain billing staff.

home health billing coaching

Free Coaching

On-going training on all Home Health and hospice guidelines ensuring your success.

100% Risk Free

Not Setup Fees