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What is SmartStart ?

It’s a specialty program for Start-up home health and hospice agencies to help them avoid revenue loss. We’ve created tools and workflows to make eligibility easier, auditing more precise, and insurance guidelines simpler to understand. Your Coach will teach you what you need to know so you can get paid right from the start.

Speciality Program for Start-Up Agencies

Imark will ensure your success by walking you through the home health process. You’ll understand what needs to be done on the front-end so your home care billing can be smooth on the back-end.



Your Success Coach at Imark will walk you through the billing process. You’ll understand what you need clinically and from an insurance company standpoint to get your claims processed cleanly.


Staff Training

We support your office staff by training them on all matters related to home health and hospice that can affect your billing process. Training is ongoing for all your staff, which means you’ll have our 15+ years of billing experience on your side.


Billing Rules Set Up

Imark will set up all the insurance payers in your software, do your EDI applications for all payers, and if you don’t have software, don’t worry; we can still bill your claims.


Get Paid Faster

SmartStart offers best practices, processes, and insights to help make your billing more effective. This ensures your success so Imark can get you paid faster.

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