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New Home Health Agencies

Once your home healthcare agency is Medicare Accredited your home healthcare agency will be able to bill Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies. With IMARK as your billing service you can be sure that you will be paid accurately and quickly. Leave your home care billing to the experts and guarantee the most profitability for your new home care agency.

Is your Agency Newly Medicare Certified?

Trying to learn the home health billing process can be overwhelming and frustrating leading to cash flow interruptions and missed payments. Most new home care agency leave the billing to the experts and rest assured that maximum reimbursements are captured. Medicare regulations change frequently and billing errors can cost you money and possibly government regulatory issues. Avoid the headaches and trust that IMARK will capture every penny you are owed.

Are you considering opening a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency?

The elderly population is growing rapidly everyday and Opportunities to start a home healthcare agency continue to increase. Starting a home healthcare agency to meet this great demand for home care and home health care services is both rewarding and profitable.

Getting paid for these services are the key to your success! IMARK can be your partner ensuring that when you are ready to bill services to insurance companies you get it right. IMARK can handle the entire billing process for you, so you can focus on patient care.

Feel Safe and Protected

We have the resources and many years of experience you need to boost the financial health and profitability of your home health agency without adding more time to your day or costs to your bottom line.

Home Health Billing Changes

The Home care business is growing more complicated, every day as insurance reimbursement rates decline, operating costs go up. You need a trusted partner that is up to date on changing billing regulations and will protect your cash flow.

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