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Outsourced Billing Services

Our home health care billing staff becomes your staff, but without the headaches. We absorb the task of hiring, training, and supervising home health care billing personnel and have the systems in place to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. We can bill your agency’s home health Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance and private-pay services. More Info...

Outsourced Home Health Care Billing

By outsourcing your billing operation to Imark, you will have more time to focus on marketing, agency operation, recruiting, and delivering patient care. Lost payments will be a thing of the past, and we will clean up your backlog of unpaid claims.

Cash Flow

We improve your cash flow by maintaining accurate receivables records for each patient. Each service and claim is entered correctly so that fewer will be suspended or denied. And our efficient process ensures that problems will be handled in a timely manner. The result: faster receivables and improved cash flow.

Home Health Care Billing Consulting and Training

Imark can provide customized training for your billing personnel on simple to more advanced billing procedures. Imark can provide backup support for such areas as improving cash-flow, compliance with state and federal regulations, identifying uncollected claims, and identify areas of risk and recommend corrections.

Medicare Eligibility Checks/Payment floor inquires

Remove the stress of interpreting confusing Medicare eligibility for patients. Let Imark’s experts advise you if patients are eligible for home care services. Imark can send you daily notifications of your check history and payment floor status saving you time.

Revenue Recovery

  • Are you collecting all monies owed to you by Medicare?
  • Do you have unpaid claims?
  • Are your payments delayed?

Imark can help collect monies that you may not even know are unpaid. A small number of unpaid claims could mean loss of money owed to your agency. Find out how we can make your life easier.

Billing Pitfalls

Inexperienced or improperly trained billing personnel can cause you difficulties due to claims that are suspended or denied. Your agency can face fraud and abuse issues due to improperly filed claims which can also lead to civil, criminal, and administrative penalties.

Find out more about Imark

Many home care agencies have trusted Imark Consulting for billing and accounts receivable recovery services. We are confident that our billing and regulatory compliance expertise will give you the peace of mind to focus on delivering patient care.

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