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Outsourced Billing

Whether you are using a home care software or you have decided not to use a home health software. IMARK can still do your billing!.

If you have a home health software:

IMARK can take control of the billing module and create, submit, and process all of your claims right from your home care software. All your agency would need to focus on is the clinical side and IMARK will handle the financial side.

IMARK has experience with just about all the home care software in the market so it doesn’t matter which home health software you have or decide to choose, you can still outsource your home care billing to IMARK.

You may ask, Why do I need IMARK when we are using a home care software that has billing?

The home health software is the technical device that can create an electronic claim but you need a skilled biller to audit the claim before it is sent to the insurance company in order to avoid rejections.

We always say…the home health software is the “car” but you need someone to drive it!

If you do not have or will not be using a home health software:

No problem! IMARK can still process your billing electronically. We would simply use our billing software to create, submit and process your claims to any insurance company.

With IMARK you do not have to have a home health software to get your claims submitted electronically.

Increase your revenue!

Whether your agency choose to use a home care software or not, you will feel safe and secure that your claims are being paid accurately and your cash flow is always optimized.

Have Billing Concerns?

We remove the costly administrative hassles and claims rework to help you focus on providing exceptional patient-care and give you greater peace of mind. While at the same time increasing your cash flow.

IMARK trusted by Home health care Agencies

Agenices all across the country count on IMARK to handle their Entire home care billing process.

Take control of your cash flow. Call us to learn how we can increase your revenue by 20%.

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